Established in 1990, EEC Motors began as a small customer oriented business and has steadily built a reputation on exceeding our customers expectations. It was then that the phrase “READY TO HELP” was born. Through our products and services, we are committed to a standard of high quality service and customer satisfaction.


Of all our goals we set for ourselves at EEC Motors, none is more important and worthy of our efforts than the complete satisfaction of our customers. It is with this in mind that we commit ourselves totally and absolutely to quality in the products and services we offer. At EEC Motors, we understand the commitment to improve and continually set higher standards, then achieve them. This is the means by which we can assure complete customer satisfaction.


Over the years, our customer loyalty and base has grown tremendously due to our high quality of workmanship at competitive prices.


The evolution of the automotive industry has moved at an astonishing pace. Vehicles have become very high-tech and complex, thus making proper maintenance more important than ever. At EEC Motors, we strive to educate customers on the importance of maintenance versus waiting for a breakdown.