Fleet Management


Welcome to our Fleet Management Department

EEC Motors is your comprehensive Fleet Service and Repair facility. AMVIC licensed and with decades of Journeyman experience EEC Motors is your optimal choice for servicing your Diesel vehicle including; Heavy Duty Trucks, Light Truck, Cargo Van, SUV, and Cars.

Your Fleet needs to operate with longevity and durability, but this comes with specific maintenance requirements. EEC Motors has the knowledge and experience to ensure your Fleet Vehicles are properly maintained and running at their peak efficiency.

EEC Motors Fleet Management gives VIP treatment for small to mid-size business owners!

Your Fleet Vehicles are the front line of your workforce. And EEC Motors understands the importance of minimal downtime and reliability. Our Business Fleet representatives follow your vehicle and understand your transportation needs. We tailor every aspect of your commercial transportation maintenance solutions to your unique business requirements. We can service your fleet; if it consists of one, or as many as forty trucks, vans, or cars.

As a business, you are looking for ways to save money and get quality vehicles and maintenance for your fleet needs. Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Repairs can come at a premium, and while OEM parts often prove a sound choice, we recognize that alternatives are a cost-effective way to save costs while still maintaining your vehicle, at EEC Motors we offer both OEM and alternative part options.

Additionally, we specialize in ordering, shipping, maintaining, and selling a huge selection of commercial fleet vehicles. We can customize vehicles in hundreds of different combinations, and our expertise will provide you with the right financing, maintenance plans, and service to keep efficiency at its best. EEC Motors is your one-stop shop.

Not only do we provide priority to our fleet clients, but we also provide preferred repair and part rates. For more information on how EEC Motors is your go-to fleet repair service center please Contact Us and our Fleets Account Manager will get in touch as soon as possible.

At EEC Motors we can service up to 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty commercial vehicles. This includes up to Ford F550, GM 3500HD, DRW trucks, 170” wheelbase HD Cargo Vans and more.

We are an Alberta Licensed Vehicle Inspection center. Providing the following inspections:

  • Out-of-Province Inspections (OPI)
  • Out-of-Country Inspections
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspections for Light Truck, and Light Trailers
  • Salvage Inspections for Automotive, Light Truck, and Light Motorhome
  • Insurance Inspections

For more information, please Contact Us or Schedule a Service Appointment.

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