Repair Loans

Welcome to our Automotive Repair Loan Department

Unexpected repair costs should never be a hurdle in maintaining your vehicle. To help you manage these expenses, we're pleased to offer 3rd party finance options through our partner LendCare. You can now spread the cost of your repairs over time, making it easier to maintain your vehicle without putting a strain on your budget.

Please Contact us to learn more about this offering, and how it can benefit you.

LendCare’s program covers most mechanical maintenance and repairs on passenger vehicles and light trucks, such as tires, brakes, engine and transmission repairs, air conditioning, suspension, etc. However, collision or cosmetic repairs are not covered.

After approval and completion of ID verification and payment details, a LendCare Auto Repair Specialist will contact you and refer you to EEC Motors for repair. LendCare pays EEC Motors directly once the work has been completed.

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Your vehicle is often a daily essential required to get you from A to B. Deciding whether a vehicle repair loan is the right choice involves several considerations. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Assess the Cost of Repairs vs. Value of Vehicle: Compare the cost of the repairs to the current value of your vehicle. If the repair costs are close to or exceed the value of the vehicle, it might not be a financially sound decision. Your EEC Motors Service advisor will always provide you an honest assessment, always inquire if you feel repair costs are high for your vehicle make, model, and age.

  2. Evaluate Your Financial Situation: Look at your current financial status. Do you have savings you can use without jeopardizing your financial stability? If using your savings is not feasible, a repair loan might be a good option that provides you with more flexibility.

  3. Consider the Urgency of Repairs: If the repairs are urgent, whether for safety, or because the vehicle is essential for your daily activities, and you lack immediate funds, a loan could be a practical solution. EEC Motors understands how crucial your vehicle is, we will work with you to ensure we get you back on track with timely repairs and sound advice on what repairs take priority.

  4. Review Loan Terms Carefully: Understand the interest rates, fees, repayment terms, and any penalties associated with the loan. Make sure the monthly payments are affordable within your budget. LendCare offers clear and concise loans with a proven track record.

  5. Long-term Impact on Your Vehicle: Consider how the repairs will affect the longevity and performance of your vehicle. If the repairs will significantly extend the life of your car and improve reliability, it might be worth the investment. EEC Motors service advisors have decades of industry expertise, trust them to help you make the most informed repair decision.

  6. Alternative Solutions: Sometimes, it might be more economical in the long run to invest in a new or used vehicle rather than repairing an old one. Compare the costs and benefits of repairing versus replacing your vehicle. Our EEC Motors Sales department offers great near-new and used vehicle options, if you are looking for a vehicle replacement our knowledgeable department is ready to help you.

  7. Personal Peace of Mind: If the loan helps alleviate stress and provides you with a reliable vehicle, this personal comfort can be a significant factor in your decision. This is a cornerstone of EEC Motors “Ready To Help” philosophy, we are here to ensure that you are completely satisfied with you service or purchase and your peace of mind is at the forefront of what drives our customer relationships.

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