Domestic Diesel Service

EEC Motors is your comprehensive Ford, GM, & Dodge Diesel Service and Repair facility.

AMVIC licensed and with decades of Journeyman experience EEC Motors is your optimal choice for servicing your Diesel vehicle.

Your diesel vehicle's engine is built for longevity and durability, but this comes with specific maintenance requirements. EEC Motors has the knowledge and experience to ensure your Diesel Vehicle is properly maintained and running at its peak efficiency.

Diesel repairs can come at a premium, and while OEM parts often prove a sound choice, we recognize that alternatives are a cost-effective way to save costs while still maintaining your vehicle, at EEC Motors we offer both OEM and alternative part options.

Domestic Diesel vehicles often face specific issues such as:

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) blockages impair performance, especially common in vehicles with high idle time
  • Turbocharger and Timing Belt / Timing Chain Maintenance are critical for engine health
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system malfunctions can decrease efficiency and performance
  • Issues with Engine Sensors and Electrical Components that can lead to drivability issues

EEC Motors understands all these common issues and maintenance requirements, we have the proper diagnostic equipment and technical know-how to service your diesel vehicle.

For more information, please Contact Us or Schedule a Service Appointment. Or check out our Service Center for more information!

We have the expertise to service the following:

  • Chevrolet Duramax
  • GMC Duramax
  • Dodge / Ram EcoDiesel
  • Ford Power Stroke

At EEC Motors we can service up to 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty vehicles. This includes up to Ford F550, GM 3500HD, DRW trucks, 170” wheelbase HD Cargo Vans and more.

EEC Motors is Ready to Help!