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Active Autowerke Tuning 30+ Years Of BMW Tuning & Performance Parts Expertise For over three decades, only one name has remained at the top of the BMW performance parts industry. Here at Active Autowerke, we've built a lasting reputation as leaders in custom BMW tuning and accessories. Our expertise now extends online, as we further improve our customer's shopping experience. Start browsing our hundreds of products now, or learn more about what makes us different.

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Evolve Tuning

Evolve Tuning The Basics of Engine Tuning i.e. ECU Remapping An ECU contains the instructions for the fuelling, camshaft position and ignition timing systems to operate based on engine rpm and load. These instructions are known as 'THE MAPS'. Changing these instructions requires us to change the maps.  Hence the word - ECU remapping. ECU remapping can be carried out through the diagnostic ports or by removing the eprom (chips) from an ECU. Chipping and mapping achieve the same end result. Car manufacturers have to allow a general safety margin for poor fuel grades and extremes in climatic conditions. They also have to cater for a wide audience who have varied driving styles. Some cars are programmed with an extremely lazy throttle response for those who like it ultra smooth. This doesn't help the enthusiastic driver. Improving throttle response alone can make a huge difference. If you have a Mercedes this really applies to you! With the use of good fuel…

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